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BEGIN AGAIN: Tonight & Tuesday!

BEGIN AGAIN Special Guest: Levi The Poet

Knowing Is a Thing That Happens Small

A Dozen Months of Sundays (Part 1)

A List of Things That I'm Excited About

"What suggestions do you have for someone going through grief?"

After The Beautiful Letdown

November Events

Consider the Sunset on Your 102nd Birthday

Two Cool Updates on the U2/Sphere Post

Until The End of The World

Writing About Not Writing

Two New Conversations + Founding Member Zoom

Everything I've Learned About Public Speaking

Yesterday's Speaking Event: FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health

Playlist: "I gotta tell you something I believe in"

"What if we want connection but find it difficult...?"

EVEN NOW: Recap and Recording

EVEN NOW is Happening Tonight!

EVEN NOW Special Guest: Levi The Poet

Will You Help Me Raise $3,000 for Suicide Prevention?

There Is Still Some Time


Even Now (Life is Worth Living)

Looking Back on One Year of Small-Group Conversations

Checking In After Some Celebrating and Some Coughing

My Parents Were Married 50 Years Ago Today

Eventually Got Home

Personalized + Signed Books & Posters

This Relearning of Belonging

Some More Thoughts on Inspiration

"What books, art, music, people, philosophies and other influences do you recommend for inspiration?"

On the Road Again

"My sense of morality is keeping me from something I typically enjoy..."

"Is there a way to know when to ask for help?"

My TWLOHA Exit Was Announced Two Years Ago Today

America Is Easy if You Just Don't Think About It

As Big as Google, as Small as a Smile

On Trying Not to Cry Before a Colonoscopy

The Best Hug I've Ever Seen

Ever Leave Home


It's Also True I'm Disappointed

Come on In, the Water's Fine

"What are some of your favorite tiny joys?"

What Started Is a Thing That Still Remains

We Gotta Start Somewhere

"What are your thoughts on virtual connection vs in-person?"

Deep Conversations in Shallow Water

On Mother's Day

10 for 12 (A Soundtrack)

The First Month of Ever Get Home

Ted Lasso and the Game Plan For Connection

Founding Member Zoom!

Gracie is the New Face of Substack

"How has it felt to shift from TWLOHA to everything you're doing now?"

Ever Get Home: About the Title

"How do you keep your heart so open?"

The Only Speech I've Had Cut Short

"What if we fear that all of the remaining surprises might be bad?"

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